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State of The Art Processes and Equipment

We have three plants, state of the art and comprehensive range of machinery ensure that the latest products are develop and made available to our customers. We have the capability to print up to nine until ten color at high speeds using world class presses, laminate in various ways (dry lamination, solvent free, extrusion), ,slit to precise tolerances, make bags of various types, shrink and injection.

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Our production capabilities are being continuously upgraded through judicious investment in the latest machines which places us on the leading edge of  technology and ensures quantum increases in capacity to meet the growing needs of our customers.

In addition to the machinery, know how and well – trained people, we have an excellent quality control laboratory, equipped with instruments for measurement of bonding tensile tester, sealing tester, transmission densitometer, automatic packaging machine, press weight, digital thickness, Lipke, water vapor, oxygen transmission, all the mechanical properties of films, gas chromatography and micro section analysis, which ensures defect – free product to our customers.

New processes are constantly being imbibed by PT. Sapta Warna Cemerlang. Since our customer portfolio consist of quality conscious multinational, our product development team is constantly being challenged to rise to the occasion with new products. We are proud that we kived up to these challenges and commercialized many new products that are first in the Indonesia market. And we have started to export a few these products successfully.

Sapta Warna Cemerlang offers both flexible and rigid product packaging. Our expertise and quality production ensure top performance of your products, which will make them stand out in the market place and bring your packaging to a new level of quality and shelf appeal.

International Standard

As a professional and solid manufacturing company, SWC is supported by a complete facility, skilled labors, experienced people, through integrated operational process. With ISO 9001 certification, SWC ensures to provide quality assurance as one of the most important phases of our production processes, while we follow GMP and HACCP guidelines in our production processes.


We believe that quality assurance is the most important factor within our production process. We are continuously improving to achieve zero defects. The quality assurance starts from incoming raw materials that will be used for production to the checking process of the finished products before delivery. Every material used in the process are the highest quality material for various applications.


Innovation within the company is a must in every aspect. Start from the earliest to the end of the production process, including waste management system. We are committed to constantly develop and innovate by working with new materials and process in our research and development lab to provide cost effective products to our customers without sacrificing the visual impact of the products.


Another important parameter we apply in our quality control is the hygiene factor at the workplace and the product manufactured with all production conducted in a clean environment. Our manufacturing facility maintains a high standard of housekeeping and ensures a dust free, insect free and odorless work place.

The company also strives in the implementation of safety and health to ensure zero accident and illness. Most of the waste is recycled through an integrated recycling process into plastic pellets which can be used for another industry. With this, we describe ourself as a green factory.

On-time Delivery

On time delivery is our commitment to our valuable customers. We implement production flow that is designed to accommodate flexibility and support on time delivery to customers.

Customer Satisfaction

All of the above commitments are implemented to deliver the highest satisfaction to customers in terms of quality, on-time delivery and compliance to regulation.

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International Standard




On-time Delivery

Customer Satisfaction